Sunday, March 30, 2008


It took a certain amount of courage (and film editing skills) to produce FITNA and post it on the web, knowing in advance what could be expected: threats of violence from Muslims, followed by censorship and "official" condemnation in the face of those threats. But it's not as if the Jews-Christians-atheists of the free West don't already know what is depicted in FITNA. We've read about and seen pictures of all this before. FITNA just ties it together in a 16 minute piece, showing how all these acts of violence, incitement, and hatred of non-Muslims are exact echoes of words in the Koran. The irony of course is that Muslims are again threatening violence against a person who has in essence done nothing more than expose their previous violence.

And he's been hung out to dry by the very media and politicians who should be showing solidarity, no matter what political persuasion they represent. They too have bought into the misperception that merely exposing Muslim violence is "Islamophobic". When the IRA was bombing London, did we refer to anyone who spoke negatively of that as "Eirophobic"?

What to do? Now if all of us in one fell swoop were to rise up and fight back against the kind of Muslim-generated violence depicted in this film or the threat of it at any time and at any place, things would start to change. If we as a group were to shout from our windows, "We're sick and tired of this, we're not taking it anymore, we're fighting back!", they'd be in for a surprise. If they stopped seeing us as soft, lazy, self-denigrating wimps, always eager to appease, and saw us instead as tough, angry, self-confident, organized, and, most importantly, ready to defend ourselves en masse ....... wouldn't this nightmare start to end?